Sunday, 12 February 2012

Can I turn fat into muscle?

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I get this question a lot, and no, fat and muscle are two completely different tissue and very separate!

Fat tissue is a layer of fat cells that covers the muscles. When you exercise, you build up muscle tissue. When you stop exercising your muscles actually shrink, which we don't want because muscle tissue actively burns calories throughout the day! When you eat fewer calories than you normaly do, your fat cells shrink. If you overeat, your fat cells enlarge!

So keep training your muscles by doing weight training, cardio and eating less calories than you normaly do, and your layer of fat tissue around your muscles aswell as your belly will shrink, and your muscles will be harder and stronger, burning more fat cells than before! Exercising a specific muscle won't burn fat at that area, but your body as a whole!

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  1. yeah!
    The more you pump the weight the more your muscle will build because strength training is good to reduce all fat..

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