Thursday, 8 March 2012

10 Six Pack Abs Myths

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Many of us strive towards getting those much desired 6 pack abs or flat tummies. We try different methods and strategies to get them and just end up feeling obsessed and frustrated. The cause of having to feel this way is usually due to misinformation, unrealistic expectations or unreasonable goals. Examining the myths about six pack abs is a step in the right direction.

#1 - The best way to a six pack is through crunches
One of the most widely known myths is that the best way to get abs is to do a high amount of crunches. Crunches help to strengthen the muscles but do not make them visible. In other words, crunches do not burn the fat layer that is covering your abs.

#2 - Ab muscles are not the same as other muscles
Your abdominal muscles are the same as any other muscle in your body. That means you should train your abs the same way you would train your biceps, triceps or any other muscle in your body. The same physiological principles apply to your abs.

#3 - High reps is the way to six pack abs
Just like I have stated above, your abdominal muscles are the same as your other muscles, and therefore need to be exercised in the same manner. You need to load weights where possible.

#4 - You don’t need to exercise a lot once you have abs
One common myth is that once you have and see your abs, you don’t need to do anything anymore. You still need to watch your diet, and train, but not as much as you did when you were exercising to reveal them.

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#5 - You have to train abs every day
Rules of weight training states that you should give your muscles rest after you have trained them. This rule applies to your abs as well. Give your abs a day or so rest before exercising them again. The thing to remember is that you need to train them hard, and that is where the secret lies.

#6 - You can spot reduce abs
Spot reduction on its own is a myth. You cannot train a muscle underneath fat, and expect that the fat will be burned. The only way to burn fat is through lengthy exercise sessions and a good diet.

#7 - Ab exercises gets rid of abdominal fat
This myth actually forms part of the above myth but has become a misconception on its own. Once again, training your abdominal muscles will not burn the fat around your tummy. You need to follow a prolonged exercise program and a healthy low calorie diet.

#8 - Training your abs if you have a bad back will worsen it
It’s actually quite the opposite. Opposing muscles in your body assist each other. So when you have weak abs, more strain is put on your lower back to compensate. Strengthening your abs will take off some of that strain from your back.

#9 - You must follow a low carb diet to get abs
Low carb diets are quite popular, and even though it is one of the most effective ways of losing weight, it does not mean that it’s the only way to get to six pack abs. Some people have a negative reaction to low carb diets and then can’t follow them. This leads them to think that their chances of getting six pack abs are gone.
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#10 - You can eat low fat foods to reduce tummy fat
Fat alone is not the culprit. To lose belly fat, you need to exercise on a regular basis as well as reduce the number of calories you consume on a daily basis. When you consume fewer calories than what your body uses on a daily basis, your body will seek another source of energy, namely fat. This does not mean it takes the fat from your belly only, but from various parts of your body.

Don’t fall victim to the countless myths surrounding six pack abs. Now that you know some of them, change your routines and exercise programs to actually get you the results you are so badly looking for. Try mixing up your exercise routines by including functional training, high intensity cardio and resistance training. Also change to a healthier lower calorie diet and soon you will not only be amazed at the way you feel, but also the way you will look.


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